Rights and Responsibilities of Patients

We aim to provide an excellent service, to be responsive to your needs, to treat you with courtesy and respect and to be efficient in providing your medical care but to achieve this we ask for your support and co-operation.

  • We ask you to treat the practice staff with the same courtesy and respect – rudeness to staff is not acceptable.
  • Please do not be late for your appointments – we appreciate we may keep you waiting on occasions but that is usually due to the doctor over running with an earlier patient. I you are late it may be necessary for you to re-book your appointment.
  • Let us know if you cannot keep your appointment with the doctors, nurses, midwives as soon as possible.
  • Patients who regularly fail to attend appointments effects the day to day running of the practice and this in turn may affect the doctor/patient relationship. We will try to resolve such issues with you directly but it may be necessary to ask you to register with another practice.